Born and raised in Vancouver, this 18-year-old student has found a way to rise above difficulties and gain an education that will lead to valuable job skills.

Growing up in a single parent family on Commercial Drive in East Vancouver was not easy for this young student, but his positive outlook on life has always remained strong.  He first heard of the STAND foundation through his high school principal who recommended he apply for the scholarship.  In order to qualify, a submission letter had to be sent in explaining why he should be chosen to receive the scholarship.

Although humble about his writing skills, he clearly has a passion and talent that impressed the foundation enough to fund his first year at Langara College. “Not having to worry about tuition fees and expenses has really helped me focus on school, and has provided a security that is a great sense of relief.  Without the funding from STAND, I would have probably had to find a job right out of high school to try and save money for future education,” says Morgan.

Now through his first semester of College, he’s settled in at Langara, and has fully embraced his studies.  After meeting with the head of the Aboriginal studies program, he knew that was the area of study he wanted to pursue.  The program means more than just a well-rounded education to him; it’s an opportunity to develop skills that will lead to real world applications.

Morgan says, “The Aboriginal program has given me a real understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing Aboriginal people in Canada.  The things I am learning now will hopefully lead into a successful career.”

He plans to continue with Aboriginal studies, particularly with Urban Aboriginal Community Development, earn a degree, and possible gain more education in a related field.  What does he see in his future?

“I’d like a real career, not just a job,” Morgan says, “I would like to work doing something that gives me a real sense of fulfillment.  I’m good with numbers and statistics, so that might help me in deciding what to do…and I want to wear a suit.”

“STAND has really helped open up a world of possibilities for me,” he says. “When I first heard I had received the scholarship I felt overwhelmed and grateful; I still feel that way today.  Without the support of the foundation I don’t know where I’d be right now, and that’s something I’ll never forget.”

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