Sophie Mas, BA, MPA, PMP  

Sophie is one of the co-founders of the STAND Foundation. She brings to the Foundation years of community development, project, and program management experience with the government of British Columbia. Over the course of her career, Sophie has helped communities across the province develop and implement strategies to combat youth violence and youth sexual exploitation, as well as created and managed grant programs aimed at helping vulnerable youth. Sophie is a firm believer that giving vulnerable youth the tools to pursue an education and acquire skills will help them improve their lives and overcome the challenges they are faced with.

Sophie is a Professional Project Manager (PMP), holds a Master in Public Administration from the University of Victoria, British Columbia, and a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Paul Valery, Montpellier, France.

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Jeff Sundar  

Prior to his career in the mining industry, Jeff Sundar worked under the Ministry of Attorney General's Youth Programs Division. In that time, he facilitated workshops on youth violence prevention for youth across British Columbia. Jeff has hosted nationally broadcasted television programs on youth issues on behalf of the Department of Justice of Canada. Jeff has also been awarded the Ministry of Attorney General's "Youth Volunteer of the Year" Award for the province of British Columbia.

Jeff is working in the mining industry as President of Genesis Metals.

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Taylor McDonald CFA  

Taylor MacDonald is a 15 year veteran of the finance industry. He has worked in Vancouver, London and New York on in fund management and equity capital markets. He is presently the Founder and President of Caerus Capital Management, a Vancouver-based investment company and merchant bank focused on natural resources and innovation. Mr. MacDonald is graduate of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, a CFA Charterholder, a member of the Silicon Valley Blockchain Society

Taylor believes that education is the key to economic empowerment and self-sufficiency and believes that STAND's core tenets and funding structure are engineered to produce the most return on investment over time.

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Jim Paterson  

Jim has worked in the mining and exploration sector since 1997 and currently serves as an advisor and/or on the board of directors of several TSX-Venture exchange listed companies. Jim is also a co-founder and director of a successful US-based manufacturer of food and industrial packaging materials. As a strong believer that personal relationships are one of the most important aspects of life, Jim spends as much time with his family, friends and business associates as possible.

Jim received a diploma in Marketing Management from the British Columbia Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurship from Royal Roads University in Victoria BC.

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Cale Moodie BSF, CA  
Treasurer and Director

Cale Moodie is a Chartered Professional Accountant and currently serves in the role of Chief Executive Officer and director for Neptune Dash Technologies Corp, a company trading on the TSX-V. Cale also serves as CFO and director for Brixton Metals Corporation and as CFO, independent director or audit committee chair for a number of small-cap public companies trading on the TSX-V. Prior to working in industry Mr. Moodie worked in public practice for KPMG LLP and was involved in the audit of a number of Not-For-Profit Organizations. Mr. Moodie is registered with the Institute of Chartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia and is a member in good standing.

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Amir Adnani  

Amir Adnani is an entrepreneur and a community leader. He is the co-founder, CEO, president and a director of Uranium Energy Corp (UEC) and co-founder and chairman of Brazil Resources Inc. An NYSE-listed company, UEC uranium-producing company.

Amir is a leader in the communities where he or his companies are active. He has served as Campaign Executive Volunteer raising funds for construction of the Union Gospel Mission housing project in Downtown Eastside Vancouver, BC, one of the poorest neighbourhoods in urban Canada. He has also provided support and services for funding of the BC Children's Hospital through the BC Explores Campaign and in support of the Mining for Miracles program.

Corporately, Amir and his team at UEC have contributed to several community programs in South Texas where the company has established Community Scholarship Programs. Additionally, UEC has been nominated for the Texas Environmental Excellence Award for the company's commitment to preserve and protect the Texas environment.

Amir holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of British Columbia.


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Financial Sponsors and Supporters

Graham Moore  
Haywood Securities

Ask Graham Moore about his involvement in STAND, and he'll tell you about the day his son was born. According to Moore, an Investment Advisor at Haywood Securities in Vancouver, the first time he cradled his newborn son, the unconditional love he felt produced an epiphany of sorts. "In a split second I had sudden insight into reality and my life took on a whole new meaning," says Moore. "I had an overwhelming emotional experience and wanted to share it." And he's doing just that, as one of STAND's strongest supporters.

While his son's birth marked a significant moment in Moore's life, what set Graham on his philanthropic journey started ten years prior, when he was living in a one-bedroom apartment, alone and desperate, worried how he was going to pay his rent. Bemoaning his condition, he started to take one step at a time to change his circumstances. , "If I was going to live a fulfilled life, I needed to make some changes," he says, "and with a little help from my friends over several years, I amended my lifestyle and successfully overcame the anxiety,fear and hopelessness that was holding me back."

Graham is at the top of his game today, but is quick to point out it wasn't until the arrival of his son that he realized the impact his life changes would have on him. He suddenly understood that because of what he was able to overcome and achieve, his son would have a better life. "There are so many situations in life where people don't have a fair shot. And they have their whole life against them from day one. I have been given a second chance and I have been fortunate enough to flourish in it."

Graham believes, wholeheartedly, that he now needs to pay it forward: "I got out from under my problems with a lot of help from my friends and if I can help one person live a better and productive life as a result of my contribution, then I will be happy." When Jeff Sundar approached Graham about STAND, he says the decision to get involved was easy. "I want everyone to have a fair shot and they made it easy for me to take my thoughts and put them into action."

That's what happened with Sheway, a non-profit supported by STAND, that provides health and social services to women who are either pregnant or parenting children less than 18 months old and who are experiencing current or previous issues with substance use ( Moore learned about Sheway through an interesting series of coincidences: first, from the doctor who delivered his son, who shared her experiences volunteering with the initiative. Then, as Graham drove to work every day for two years, he drove past Sheway, thinking to himself he really needed to make a contribution. The final coincidence came when his wife was delivering their second child, and lying in the bed next to his wife's was a young mother from Sheway who had also given birth to a son. "This woman was alone, afraid and her son's future was uncertain. The disparity of the situation hit me hard and coincidence or not, this was all the symbolism I needed to mobilize and do something to help out."

When Jeff started talking to Graham about supporting STAND, Graham mentioned Sheway, and within a short space of time, two of Sheway's clients had been approved for STAND funding. Today, Moore is a strong advocate for both STAND and Sheway. "I think society is best served if people who are fortunate enough to be successful pass it on to others. Now as far as me keeping a good spiritual lifestyle, the more I help, the healthier I am. And for me spirituality is being kind and honest," says Moore.

When you think of a stockbroker, you think about life in the fast lane. But Graham Moore defies that rule and is a remarkable example of someone who understands the joy of giving; a true social entrepreneur at heart.

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Seth Allen  
Raymond James
Jason Sundar  

Prior to his career in the capital markets, Jason worked for the Ministry of Attorney General's Youth Programs Division. He was a public speaker for TCO² which delivered an empowering interactive workshop for youth about preventing sexual exploitation.

He learned early in his working career the value of helping young people in need. Jason was one of the first private donors to the STAND endowment fund. He believes in offering a "hand up" to students who want to take their education to the next level, but do not have the financial means or support.

Jason was also a board member of the Founders Cup Charity Classic where he added STAND to the list of beneficiaries for his sponsored events.

"It has been a real pleasure to watch the STAND foundation grow and help more Youth in BC achieve their educational goals".

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Alim Abdulla  
Leede Financial

Alim is a founding sponsor of the STAND Foundation. His desire to help others and make a positive contribution to his community was instilled at an early age by his parents. "It's the duty of every member of society to help those less fortunate. That's called progress." he says without hesitation. Alim has been an Investment Advisor at Leede Financial for nine years beginning his career in the Financial Industry a year prior at Canaccord Capital. A key initiative for Alim was taking on the responsibility of the Annual Leede Financial Charity Golf Tournament. STAND became the beneficiary of the tournament which has raised in excess of $50,000 to date. "Sometimes all people need is a vote of confidence and to know someone cares, and the possibilities can be endless".

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Farhan Lalani  
Omega Capital

Farhan Lalani has been a supporter of the STAND Foundation since inception. His support both in a professional and personal manner has helped STAND achieve the growth it has experienced to date. His connections within the financial markets have led to meaningful funding for the endowment fund. "Our industry has access to resources that we knew would be beneficial to the foundation" says Farhan, "we always thought it would be interesting to adapt the tools in our industry and give back to the community." While at Leede Financial, Farhan was able to transition their annual corporate golf fundraiser to benefit the STAND Foundation. Over the past two years, over $55,000 was donated during the golf tournament.

"My parents instilled the value of giving back at an early age and that has led me to find opportunities to help our community. STAND is a foundation that focuses on helping local young adults who are overcoming significant obstacles through skill development. It's amazing to see that even a small amount of effort can turn into substantial and lasting benefits to those who need it the most."

It's thanks to the generous efforts of sponsors like Farhan that STAND is able to provide the support and skills development to youth in our own community.

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Gianni Kovacevic  
Kovacevic Consulting

Many of the programs that STAND is able to provide come from our very generous private sponsors-Gianni Kovacevic is a shining example of those many donors. Gianni says his desire to help the STAND Foundation came from the recognition that there are youth in our community that work extremely hard to be successful despite financial limitations and should be rewarded for their efforts. "We live in one of the richest cities in the world, and yet there are kids that can't find the financial means to pursue their dreams. These kids work extremely hard, and their financial situation shouldn't prevent them from having goals and aspirations." Gianni has worked on providing a permanent endowment under the STAND Foundation at Britannia Secondary School, one of the poorest schools in western Canada. "Giving back makes sense. Programs like STAND show people- especially our youth- that hard work certainly does pay off. By setting a positive example, I hope that others will be motivated to make a difference in their community as well."

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