Thanks to the STAND Foundation, one of Van Tech’s busy volunteers will get a chance to take her business and organizing talents to a whole new level at Langara. Elaine Chuong is the latest recipient of a STAND Foundation grant of $4,393. The award will go a long way to helping the graduating Grade 12 student cultivate business and sales skills she’s honed over the years as a leader of her school’s Variety Club.

Starting when she first arrived at Van Tech, Chuong has worked hard in the club selling gold hearts, raffle tickets and hot lunches to raise money for the children’s charity. She says each year the club has raised upwards of $10,000. Chuong says she was inspired to volunteer with Variety by her family. “You feel like you want to share your happiness with people and make sure their lives are easier,” she says. “What really inspired me to volunteer was my family. They have been through thick and thin with me. They have given me so much happiness and love and I want to share that happiness with others.”

Chuong plans to start Langara in September. She’s nervous but excited about starting her post-secondary educational career. She says the money from STAND will make a world of difference for her.

“STAND is a really great organization,” she says. “They help numerous people in need of financial aid. If people are unsure where to donate, STAND is a great option because that money can help change a student’s life.”

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