The Kovacevic Family Foundation

The Kovacevic Family Foundation was created with one clear objective: empower the young minds in our community to fulfill their dreams through scholastic development. Enhancing the long term prospects of our youth, irrespective of their social or economic background, begins with the fundamental building blocks of mentorship and a quality, employable education. Individual sustainability begins when personal satisfaction is attained by the earned achievement of learning useable skills. This inevitably leads to an improvement in life quality and collaterally leaves a recognizable impression within the wake of their lifetime experiences and overall sphere of influence.

Commencing the graduating year of 2010, we will provide tuition funding for two grade twelve students that have demonstrated the determination to succeed without the necessary resources to advance. This commitment affords those that will be sponsored by the annual grants, to be delivered annually in perpetuity, to realize and complete a secondary education in the field of their choice. Since their 1973 immigration from Croatia, the Kovacevic Family have been proud citizens of British Columbia. Through this initial endowment, in concert with their colleagues and friends, they will be the ambassadors of this effort by recognizing the accomplishments of those who strive for excellence. Together with the Stand Foundation, the Vancouver School Board and most importantly the many young students that will be affected by the impact of these efforts, we shall collectively improve our neighborhoods that we all cherish so dearly.