Permanent Scholarships

Samantha is one of the many beneficiaries of these generous donors.

Samantha is one of the many beneficiaries of these generous donors.

Leede Financial Scholarship

Leede Financial Markets is one of Western Canada’s leading independently owned investment dealers, employing 70 investment advisors at offices in Vancouver, Calgary and Kamloops, and providing a full range of investment services to clients all across Canada. Fully employee-owned, Leede Financial Markets is built upon a commitment to professional excellence and personal service.

Erin Spanevello Scholarship

Spring had arrived with the promise of change and renewal in our household. The air was charged with a vibrant energy fueling our enthusiasm as we prepared for a number of significant transformations. We had moved into a new home, Erin had decided to pursue a career in graphic design and marketing with school admission confirmed for the fall. (Read More…)

Murdi Gras Scholarship

Founded by Murray Seitz in 2006, Murdigras is a mid-summer musical charity event. The primary attendees are individuals who work in the mining/exploration and financial industries, but it is open to all who want to celebrate a good time and be a part of supporting the Murdigras charities.

The Kovacevic Family Foundation

The Kovacevic Family Foundation was created with one clear objective: empower the young minds in our community to fulfill their dreams through scholastic development. Enhancing the long term prospects of our youth, irrespective of their social or economic background, begins with the fundamental building blocks of mentorship and a quality, employable education. (Read More…)