Murray Seitz

Murray Seitz

Founder, Riverside Resources and Murdi Gras

STAND is able to grow and support more students through the generous efforts of our donors, sponsors, partners, volunteers and mentors.  One of the premier events for STAND is the annual Murdi Gras charity event founded by Murray Seitz.  “Murdi Gras was started six years ago with the goal of supporting children and young adults around the world,” says Seitz.  “We had the goal of funding the next generation of leaders to provide them with the tools to excel in life.”

Murdi Gras has grown from small beginnings, with only $3,000 in net donations in their inaugural year to six years later having raised an excess of $250,000 for their supported charities.  “Murdi Gras and STAND became partners a few years back, it seemed like a natural fit.  Murdi Gras focuses on charities that provide children and youths with more than just handouts but the tools they need to succeed and improve their situations; STAND does exactly that.”

The relationship between STAND and Murdi Gras has been so successful that the most recent Murdi Gras charity event—the 6th annual, put on this past July—exclusively benefitted the STAND Foundation.  “We felt that it was the right timing for Murdi Gras to contribute all the raised donations to STAND for this year’s event.  With STAND there’s no hidden costs or fees; you can see the money going directly to the beneficiaries and right now there are simply more youths in need in Vancouver than STAND is able to provide help for.”

Murdi Gras has also found an opportunity to support STAND beyond the annual event.  “We’ve been fortunate enough to be able to provide a bursary with STAND which every year will provide a marginalised youth the chance to change their life and the lives of those around them through education.”

Why does Murray feel the need to give back to his community?  “We are in a very privileged position to be able to give back to those in need.  By helping provide funding for education through organizations like STAND we are encouraging youths to continue to strive to achieve their goals and fostering a community for the future.”