Graham Moore

Wolverton Securities

Ask Graham Moore about his involvement in STAND, and he’ll tell you about the day his son was born. According to Moore, one of the top producing brokers at Wolverton Securities in Vancouver, the first time he cradled his newborn son, the unconditional love he felt produced an epiphany of sorts. “In a split second I had sudden insight into reality and my life took on a whole new meaning,” says Moore. “I had an overwhelming emotional experience and wanted to share it.” And he’s doing just that, as one of STAND’s strongest supporters. (Read More…)


Seth Allen

Raymond James


Jason Sundar

Prior to his career in the capital markets, Jason worked for the Ministry of Attorney General’s Youth Programs Division. He was a public speaker for TCO² which delivered an empowering interactive workshop for youth about preventing sexual exploitation.

He learned early in his working career the value of helping young people in need.

Jason was one of the first private donors to the STAND endowment fund. He believes in offering a “hand up” to students who want to take their education to the next level, but do not have the financial means or support.(Read More…)


Alim Abdulla

Leede Financial

Alim is a founding sponsor of the STAND Foundation. His desire to help others and make a positive contribution to his community was instilled at an early age by his parents. “It’s the duty of every member of society to help those less fortunate. That’s called progress.” he says without hesitation. Alimhas been an Investment Advisor at Leede Financial for nine years beginning his career in the Financial Industry a year prior at Canaccord Capital. (Read More…)


Farhan Lalani

Market One Media Group

Farhan Lalani has been a supporter of the STAND Foundation since inception. His support both in a professional and personal manner has helped STAND achieve the growth it has experienced to date. His connections within the financial markets have led to meaningful funding for the endowment fund. “Our industry has access to resources that we knew would be beneficial to the foundation” says Farhan, “we always thought it would be interesting to adapt the tools in our industry and give back to the community.” (Read More…)


Murray Seitz

Founder, Riverside Resources and Murdi Gras

STAND is able to grow and support more students through the generous efforts of our donors, sponsors, partners, volunteers and mentors. One of the premier events for STAND is the annual Murdi Gras charity event founded by Murray Seitz. “Murdi Gras was started six years ago with the goal of supporting children and young adults around the world,” says Seitz. “We had the goal of funding the next generation of leaders to provide them with the tools to excel in life.” (Read More…)


Gianni Kovacevic

Kovacevic Consulting

Many of the programs that STAND is able to provide come from our very generous private sponsors-Gianni Kovacevic is a shining example of those many donors. Gianni says his desire to help the STAND Foundation came from the recognition that there are youth in our community that work extremely hard to be successful despite financial limitations and should be rewarded for their efforts. (Read More…)


Andrew Williams

Haywood Securities


Corporate Sponsors


Pathfinder Asset Management

Pathfinder Asset Management


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